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“My sister-in-law used Milty’s Boys Tulsa Septic Pumping, and she told me they had good services and a good attitude. I needed someone to come out and get the job done, and that’s what they did. We had a lot done; all our tanks were cleaned. I would recommend Milty’s Boys because of their customer service. They explained to us what they were doing. They were friendly and did a great job servicing our system.”  – Shannon

“I found Milty’s Boys off the internet. I had seen all the excellent reviews and it seemed like the right place to call. The team serviced my septic, and I didn’t realize I had two tanks! I also didn’t realize it had been quite a while since I’d had it done. It was excellent Tulsa Septic Pumping service, and the technician had an excellent demeanor. It far exceeded my expectations!”  – Steve

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Highest Rated And Most Reviewed In Oklahoma

We have thousands of clients who have trusted Milty’s for 3 decades.

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We proactively maintain your septic system to reduce expensive and messy disasters.

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Milty’s Boys Septic Typical Septic Service Providers
Save money with honest and necessary repairs
We do not sell you services and parts that you don’t need.
Unnecessary Upsells
Try to upsell you on unnecessary repairs or services.
Peace of Mind Tailored to You
Personalized and detailed tracking of your past and future services to avoid costly disasters due to neglect.
Just Another Job
May not have a detailed process in place to track your specific systems needs and history of past services.
Transparent Processes
You will see before and after photos / videos of the services our team performed on your system.
Just Take Their Work For It
No concrete evidence of services performed.
Pumping Included in a Membership
Our pumping services are included, at no additional cost, when you become a member of our Septic Maintenance Plan.
No Pumping Included
Septic pumping NOT included in membership for FREE.
Clear Communication
You will know exactly when your service is booked and receive real-time updates from your service advisor.
They Just Show Up
Very poor communication.
Empathetic and Informative Education
We are patient in answering any questions and we leave you with septic education materials.
No pride in what they do.


We Give Every Customer Our Very Best


If you have a septic system or aerobic treatment system on your property that you used to treat sewage, it is important that it is properly maintained and that is operating in compliance with the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality requirements.

Your aerobic system will have an alarm on it that will trigger depending on the status of the system. You have a responsibility to make sure that your system is properly maintained. During our visits, we often share helpful tips for maintaining your septic system. To keep your system running properly, we encourage our customers to engage in regular maintenance checks and to conduct repairs. Under average conditions, you should have your septic tank pumped every one to five years.

However, several factors impact the frequency of pumping such as size of septic system, type of septic system and how much usage. When you decide to invest in your septic system by performing routine maintenance checks, you are avoiding costly repairs later. Let us help you enjoy your home for years to come. In fact, it is worth taking the time to keep your system running smoothly by choosing a professional to perform a thorough inspection. With Milty’s Boys, you are placing your home in great hands. We are reliable, trustworthy, and experienced.

Experience is important when it comes to hiring a septic company. You’ll find our team brings you a combined total of 30 years of experience in the industry. We have taken on the biggest challenges and smallest tasks, and we always give our best.

Our company abides by the golden rule. The rule is this: do unto others as you would want them to do unto you. Whether someone is watching us or not, you’ll find us always working with integrity. Experience builds trust because our customers know their septic system is skilled hands. However, integrity is also important to us. We believe by doing a thorough job, and the outcome for customers is always excellence. Our company enjoys delivering both!

Gain the insight you need to keep your septic system in tiptop shape. Call upon Milty’s Boys to take care of all your septic or aerobic needs! Our team would love to serve you and provide you with exceptional services.

Real People. Real Results.

Milty’s Boys Septic did a good job! The team did what they were supposed to do.  They fixed my aerobic system, and everything went great after that! They did a great job, and we’re nice people.


Aerobic System Alarms

Aerobic systems’ alarms sound awful with a high pitch or an incessant buzz. But don’t panic. There are usually simple reasons the alarm sounds. Here is what you can do about the situation.

There are two lighted alarms on the system, a red alarm and a yellow one. Red is indicative of the high-water alarm. Yellow is the aeration alarm. Both alarms can be silenced, and you will want to silence yours to save your sanity as well as your neighbors. Let’s break down what you do with each alarm.


Red Flashing Light

Are the sprinklers still running? Turn the water off. Let the water in the tank drop to just below the alarm level. When the flashing red light goes off, move the HWA switch back in the run or up-setting position. If the water is not running, reset the appropriate circuit breaker in the panel. This should solve the problem. If not, let the water drop below the level, then move the HWA switch. If the alarm continues to sound, call the septic copy.


Yellow Flashing Light

Look for the marked COMP. This is on the front of the unit’s control panel. Set it to mute. Now, check to make sure the compressor a running. Simply put your hand over it.

If it is vibrating, it is running. Now check the tubing to make sure it is attached. If not, match it. If it is, look for leaks and tape them up. Then call for a repair. If the compressor has stopped, try resetting the circuit breaker. Then, switch the COMP back to the run setting breaker. Your alarms will light even if you have silenced them. This does not mean that the alarms have stopped. If the troubleshooting above does not work, please call a professional team for help. Milty’s Boys would be happy to inspect your aerobic system.


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