What Our Customers Are Saying


At Milty’s Boys Septic, we enjoy serving our customers. It is a pleasure to restore, repair, and provide a new install for septic services. It’s a joy to keep someone’s business or home running well because their septic system has been repaired. It all goes back to our golden rule. We practice it day and day out, which is treating others as we would like them to treat us. Simply put we deliver our best.

Even plumbing companies are recommending our services to their customers. They love the work we do! We simply strive to do the job right and well. Of course, we can tell you how incredible our services are, but hearing it from others is way better.

Before you move on to reading our reviews, we wanted to ask you this. We invite you to take advantage of our special offer and save on pumping services. It’s our gift to you.  This we promise: excellent results. Now you can enjoy reading what others are saying about us!

Real People. Real Results.

We had an emergency today and Cisco came out within two hours to help. He was very nice and helpful and explained what he was doing step by step and how to prevent future issues. This was our 1st time using Milty’s Boys but will be faithful customers in the future and will recommend them to anyone needing septic work.


We found Milty Boys on the web and gave them a call. The team came out and cleaned our septic. They got it all cleaned up for us. They were very professional, very clean, very quick, and cleaned up the mess afterward.


Milty’s boys are the best. They came out to work on my septic and discovered the problem right away and worked in the scorching heat and were quick and courteous. I will not have anyone else to come and help me with any plumbing issues. I totally recommend Milty’s Boys for any Plumbing issues you may have.


Septic System Survival Guide


At Milty’s Boys, we love serving our customers. That’s why we created a Septic System Survival Guide. Usually, a survival guide is given to help someone avoid danger and achieve a desirable result. Well, that’s exactly what we are looking for when it comes to our customers. Our goal is to help our customers thrive when it comes to having a properly running septic system. We’ve put together some insightful information. This wisdom has been gleaned from years of experience in the industry.


How To Avoid This Surprise

Getting a new home is always exciting, but if you are moving from the city and are used to sewer systems, you may be shocked to find that your dream home in the country has a septic system! It can be a pleasant surprise or quite the opposite. So, what kind of changes should you be concerned about with a septic system versus a sewer system? Well, that is what you are going to find here in the survival guide that will help you out in keeping your septic working for years to come.

Bacteria is one of the common things that is going to keep the septic going. Yes, this may sound disgusting, but the bacteria break down the solid waste. This is going to mean you will have to get something that will be able to help prop up the bacteria. Often you will find that you are going to get some type of supplement that will help in getting the bacteria supplied with the nutrition it needs to have.

Something else that you should think about is the fact that you need to get the septic tank pumped out on a regular basis. When you get the tank pumped out, it will help keep the solid waste from getting into the leach fields, but also remove the waste that you have in the tank. This will also help preserve the septic system from having a backup.

Being able to move from the city to the country can be a good thing. In fact, every year people make the move! Our purpose is to make sure it is a well thought out move. A step you’ll look back on with gratitude because you planned based on good insight. This only happens when you know what to expect and can properly plan for it. Knowing how to take care of your septic system reaps great rewards for you. For example, you’ll save on costly repairs later. Because you decided to gain good knowledge, you’ll be able to enjoy your life a lot more in the country without having to worry about waste backing up into your beautiful home.


Maintenance Products: Septic Fizzy Tabs

These tabs are miracle-workers! Septic Fizzy tabs keep your septic tank running smoothly between pump outs. Use this product once a month. Each Fizzy Tab releases millions of beneficial bacteria into your system. These bacteria enhance the nature populations and replace these bacteria lost to anti-bacterial soaps and other harsh chemicals. They go straight to work digesting excessive grease fat and protein that may otherwise cause blockage.


Root Problems

Septic systems are full of high nutrient water and for some reason the trees prefer the aerated section of aerobic septic systems. This is a huge problem for most systems because of the way they are manufactured and/or assembled. Roots are getting in, and some cases, they are getting in areas that cannot be seen nor retrieved without significant intervention. Root infiltration is not only limited to the aerobic system tanks. Roots also love the drain fields of conventional and drip systems. If this happens, it can cause your field to fail and result in very expensive repairs or even a total system replacement.

Please be careful when planting vegetation. A little bit of planning beforehand can save you thousands of dollars later. Because we genuinely do care about those we serve, we seek to provide only the best wisdom and knowledge. The golden rule is important to us. We want to treat you as we would treat ourselves. By providing you with these helpful and wisdom, our goal is making sure you can properly care for your system.