“Milty’s Boys has serviced our septic for years. They are outstanding. We won’t call anyone else. They save us money and always go beyond expectations. Great attitudes, fantastic people.”
— Jeff

We Enjoy Serving Others


Keeping your system clean and functioning well is important to us. When something goes wrong with your Tulsa Septic Pumping system, you need a compassionate team to respond. It can be overwhelming. Especially when you are facing a problem, you know little about. That is why, placing your problems in the hands of a skilled and licensed technician is profitable for you. You will save yourself time and money. Let us make this a reality for you!

We invite you to take advantage of our incredible offer. It is a great way to save big on pumping services and keep your home running safely. If you find yourself with a tight budget, this offer may be exactly what you need. Enjoy 50 percent off a 12-point aerobic system assessment and air filter cleaning. Another wonderful offer is receiving 20 percent off a conventional or an aerobic Tulsa Septic Pumping (*exceptions apply).

Let us pump out all your household (or business) water waste with the best equipment. Do not delay in giving us a call. Our office is open Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. If it is after hours, we still will serve you. There are additional charges for after hour emergencies because dumping costs increase after 7 p.m.

Take the next step and call our dynamic team! Schedule a service call with our technician and get top notch results! Below is a list of Tulsa Septic Pumping services we offer.

What Services Do We Offer?


Locate Septic Systems

Have you tried watching online videos or reading articles on how to find your septic tank on your property, and was unsuccessful? It’s something that happens frequently. Septic tanks are buried underground and oftentimes can be difficult to locate. If you need help finding your tank, please call us today. Save yourself time and energy.

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Pump Out Septic Tanks

Regular routine maintenance on your septic tank keeps it in tiptop shape. Pumping your septic tank regularly prevents blockage and damage to your system. Milty’s Boys Septic has the best equipment to accomplish this for you!

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Repair Aerobic Systems

A well-working aerobic system keeps wastes flowing out of your home. If you need repairs on your aerobic system, call us! Our team brings wisdom, knowledge, and experience! We can easily diagnose the problem and explain the situation to you. In all, we will communicate with you any concerns, and give you options to make the best choice for you and your family.

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Install Conventional Septic Tanks

Typically, a conventional septic tank will be installed in a single-family home or a small business. We even install a conventional septic tank in new construction projects. When you’re looking for a team that will arrive on time and provide you with lasting solutions, call our team. Milty’s Boys Septic goes the extra mile to give you a reasonably priced install.


Install Aerobic Septic Tanks

An aerobic septic tank has many wonderful benefits. Among those great benefits is it conserves water and reduces nitrogen. When you’re looking for a skilled team to install a successful aerobic septic tank, count on us to deliver. Investing in an aerobic septic tank is great for your home or business. Choose a company that understands how this system works and provides you with remarkable Tulsa Septic Pumping services.


Install Lateral Lines

When you’re looking for a reliable and trustworthy team for installing lateral lines, you can count on our technicians. For 30 years, we have successfully installed lateral lines. We follow city and building codes to ensure the project we are working on is completed accurately. Discover why customers choose us when it comes to installing lateral lines.


Hydro-Jet Lateral Lines

Milty’s Boys Septic uses the best technology to obliterate blockages in lateral lines. Hydro jetting is very effective at removing anything clogging your pipes. When it comes to unclogging lateral lines, this option is a great one! It is very safe and cleans the pipes as well. Our company is proud to offer the best technology to obliterate any clogs.


Repair Lift Stations

A clogged pump can cause your lift station to run poorly. If you find yourself experiencing problems with your lift station, hire a skilled lift station team to diagnose the problem. You can count on us to deliver! We can repair and even supply the maintenance to keep your lift station running smoothly.

The Difference Maker


At Milty’s Boys, we educate our customers on the services we provide. The more our customers are informed, better decisions are made. It is our goal to build trust and integrity right from the very start. We have learned that many people are uninformed on how a septic system truly works. Oftentimes, we take on the role of a teacher. In doing so, it is important for us to never give anyone false or misleading information, but to always present the truth.

By doing this, we allow our customers to make the best decision for their systems. We have done this repeatedly for our customers. This we promise: when you call Milty’s Boys Septic, count on friendly, prompt, professional, honest Tulsa Septic Pumping service performed by a state licensed and well-trained technician.

Let us share with you the work one of our technicians did to help a client avoid buying a brand-new septic tank. One day a customer called Milty’s Boys Septic to get a second opinion. Another professional company told them they needed to purchase a whole new septic system. The customer was appalled. Although they knew little about septic systems, the thought of buying a new tank just did not sit well with them.

They decided to call Milty’s Boys for another opinion. Our technician inspected and diagnosed the problem. It turned out the customer did not need a new septic system. Instead, it was a simple fix.  This solution saved the customer a lot of money. The customer was grateful, and so were we! It is important for us to diagnose problems accurately for our customers.

A frequent compliment we get from our customers is how thorough we are. They are often surprised when we share with them helpful tips and wisdom about their septic system or lift stations. It’s important for us to make sure we are delivering the best insight. For us, it means sometimes spending extra time explaining how it all works.

Please call us today for a Tulsa Septic Pumping service call. We will give you accurate solutions and fair pricing. Enjoy placing your home or business in excellent hands. Customers can count on professional services and exceptional results. Our talented crew looks forward to serving you!

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