Core Values

“We get the job done to the standard Milty has set whether the client is watching us or not.”
— Cisco Trotter, Owner of Milty’s Boys Septic

We Deliver Only the Best Results!


At Milty’s Boys Septic, we begin with the end in mind. Our goal is to provide each customer with excellent service the moment we say, “Hello.” Friendliness and kindness go a long way in building great relationships with others. We know our customers by name and enjoy having pleasant conversations that will help brighten their day. Our actions show how much we care because we truly do.

Our team will show up no matter if the weather is favorable or not. This means in extreme heat or extreme cold, we get the job done. Of course, safety is a high priority for us too. If it is safe for our crew to continue working, we will. Our team understands when to hold off on performing a job if it proves to be dangerous. But if we get out there and it starts raining, we will stay working outdoors. (This does not apply to any electrical services).

We want to exceed our customer’s expectations every time we finish a job. Our success is when we see them smile. We understand emergencies arise; unexpected problems can happen during inconvenient times. When a problem suddenly appears, you are left with little time to do research or repair it yourself. You need a professional and dependable team to save the day!

This is where Milty’s Boys Tulsa Septic Pumping comes in. You can count on us to fulfill our promise to deliver on the best results each time. For our company to deliver exceptional results, we put on an attitude of humility and kindness. Our attitude is (and always will be) to treat others as we would like them to treat us. It is the golden rule; it is our standard.


A compass guides people on the path they need to go to reach their destination successfully. Integrity is a compass at Milty’s Boys Tulsa Septic Pumping. When we work with integrity, everyone wins! We build relationships with trust and loyalty. We stay away from anything that will compromise our standard of excellence. Every task we take on, we are thorough in our workmanship and repairs. Customers can expect long-term solutions, not quick and sloppy repairs.


Quality of Services

We respect every customer’s time and space. Whether your need is small or great, we provide you with quality solutions. We promote septic maintenance to prevent expensive emergency calls. Teaching our customers, the value of taking proper care of their septic tank is one way we provide quality of Tulsa Septic Pumping services. Treating your property like we would treat our own means we are always going to give you the best in wisdom and knowledge.



Delivering excellent workmanship and repairs is what we strive to do — daily! As we mentioned before, sometimes the weather isn’t always favorable conditions to work in, but we still show up (as long as it is safe for our technicians). Our crew shows up with a smile. Whether it is extremely hot or cold, you can count on us to mend what is broken.

Customers appreciate this level of commitment. We persevere through challenges and remain steadfast until the job is completed to your satisfaction. Our goal is to offer you the best Tulsa Septic Pumping services and experience.



There are many people who are uninformed on how a septic system is properly maintained. Teaching homeowners and business owners how to properly care for the systems is one of our core values. Our goal is to provide our customers with wisdom to help them make sound decisions regarding their Tulsa Septic Pumping system repairs and installs. The tips we offer help them avoid expensive repairs down the road.

We always look out for the best interest of our customers and informing them on the best maintenance practices is how we achieve this!



Have you ever called a company to perform a repair in your home and the final bill was different from what was discussed over the phone? Unfortunately, it happens frequently. With Milty’s Boys Septic, you can always count on transparency in pricing. We take out the guesswork when it comes to our prices.



A talented team always works together to accomplish the company’s mission. At Milty’s Boys Septic, teamwork is one of our core values. We understand without teamwork, we could not deliver the exceptional services we dream of. That is why, we add value to each other and strive to become better every day. We learn from our mistakes and seek ways to become more effective. More importantly, we work with an attitude of joy, because we enjoy what we do!


Customer Committed

A quick response to your needs is important to us. The moment you call us, we will get you on the schedule for the next available appointment. Our call team works hard to provide outstanding customer service over the phone.

Expect excellent communication. For example, if we are scheduled to see you on a certain day, and we are running behind schedule, we will communicate this to you. It is important for us to be transparent. We value our customers’ time. Because of our commitment to honest communication, we also inform our customers whenever we are on our way. Working late to resolve any problem you are facing does not hinder the results we desire to produce; we’ll stay until it is done.



Often, people do not remember what you have said, but how you made them feel. At Milty’s Boys Septic, we enjoy making our customers’ day! We go the extra mile to provide them with quality results and wisdom in septic repairs. Sometimes, we even give them words of encouragement to make them smile. We value others and we practice what we believe.

In fact, one of the compliments our technicians often receive while out in the field is how “super friendly” they are and how they know “exactly what was needed.” These compliments make the entire team smile because it means we are fulfilling our vision which is to provide everyone with exceptional services. Every day, we strive to give others our very best.