About Us

Building A Legacy of Trust


Milty’s Boys Septic is a family-owned company built on integrity and customer loyalty. Owner Cisco Trotter learned these principles from his father-in-law. In fact, he respects and loves his father-in-law, Milty, so much he named his business after him. It was from Milty that he developed a love for Tulsa Septic Pumping and heart to serve others.

In the beginning of Cisco’s septic career, he worked under Milty’s remarkable leadership. Milty repaired septic systems and pastored a church. It was during this time, Cisco learned how to serve others with compassion and integrity. He watched as his father-in-law faithfully followed through on his appointments and worked late hours to repair septic systems.

Not even severe weather could keep Milty away from his work. If it was raining heavily, Cisco saw his father-in-law pray and ask God for pleasant weather. Milty used his faith in impossible situations. He was determined to help those in need of septic repairs and refused to cancel any appointment due to the weather. Cisco saw how God faithfully answered Milty’s prayers.

Today, Cisco is following in his father-in-law footsteps in the septic industry. He and his wife Lena (Milty’s daughter) are owners of Milty’s Boys Septic. They are carrying on a legacy of integrity and excellence of services. Milty no longer owns a pumping truck. He has become his son-in-law and daughter’s biggest supporter. Often, he shares wisdom and guidance to help them deliver the best Tulsa Septic Pumping services.


The Vision

To deliver premium services, the team needed a compass to guide them. This compass was a vision written to show them the way. The path is this: “To be America’s most dependable and reliable Tulsa Septic Pumping company where customers can find professional solutions for all their septic needs.” It is one sentence that sums up everything Milty’s Boys delivers.

The company’s golden rule keeps them from making any detours. Every day, the technicians abide by this golden rule. It is simple, yet impactful: do unto others as you would like them to do unto you. It is a Biblical principle and a deed that always produces good fruit or results. Treating others with respect and dignity is important to the Milty’s Boys’ crew.

That’s not to say the team has never made a mistake. They have made some. Missteps do not cause them to park the truck, but rather unload anything that will slow them down. Milty’s Boys believes in a growth mindset. It’s a mindset that says a screw-up isn’t final, but just an opportunity to grow and thrive. Perfection isn’t their goal, rather excellence is.

The Joy of Serving Others

When customers’ see the royal blue pumping truck pull up to their homes, they know any wastewater is on its way out. The team digs through the dirt, pulls out anything hindering the pumping of the septic tank, and makes it run well again. When any job is finished, the team loves to see their customer’s smile.

Customers enjoy the services Milty’s Boys provides. Five days a week, the company is open for business. Milty’s Boys’ truck has countless highway miles. The crew has driven to cities, including Bartlesville, Bixby, Claremore, McAlester, Owasso, and Pawhuska. Their mission is to serve Oklahomans with quality repairs and solutions.

The team is also available after hours for emergency situations. The crew understands that sometimes an emergency will come up after hours. Oftentimes, these situations cannot be predicted. When problems arise, the team responds, even if it is late in the evening.

When technicians arrive at a home or business, the best equipment comes with them. The process is quite simple, top-notch solutions plus great equipment equals long-term fixes. Customers’ love this! Both their time and home (or business) is in safe hands.


A Dependable Team

In fact, many well established plumbers in Tulsa count on Milty’s Boys Septic to take care of their customer’s septic problems. The team always follows through on a service call request. Even when the problem seems intimidating, the team keeps plowing through and seeking answers! When facing big challenges, the team works tirelessly to solve the problem.

Going the extra mile for their customer is important as well. Our call team even troubleshoots problems over the phone. For example, one representative saved a customer money by solving the problem over the phone! The customer had difficulty locating the septic system on their property. The phone representative guided the customer to the tank. The customer was very happy!

Making a positive difference in someone’s life is what Milty’s Boys Tulsa Septic Pumping is all about! It goes back to the golden rule. They are all about treating others the right way.  Save big by taking advantage of this great offer:  20% off conventional and aerobic septic pumping (*exceptions apply). There are no surprises when customers receive the final bill. Upfront pricing and integrity are what customers can experience every workday.


A Commitment to Excellence

Cisco and his team bring an attitude of joy with them wherever they go. In fact, you may hear them laughing — a lot. Bringing laughter to any messy situation changes the atmosphere. The crew understands it is not always pleasant to have a broken Tulsa Septic Pumping system, therefore, they strive to leave every customer with a smile by providing them with exceptional services.

Having fun on the job is what Milty’s Boys is all about! More importantly, getting the job done with quality solutions is the goal. Customers call upon Milty’s Boys repeatedly because of the company’s commitment to excellence. In fact, one customer said they will only call Milty’s for Tulsa Septic Pumping services. This feedback means a lot to the team.

In fact, it echoes what Cisco has learned from his father-in-law — always treat others right. It is a legacy the company believes and practices. You can count on them to show up for any problem you are facing. And if you find yourself having a big problem, they will take care of it. When you choose to call Milty’s Boys, expect friendly services and an exceptional job done!