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Tulsa septic pumping is looking for you! We are currently offering all of our new customers 50% off anaerobic system assessment. This is such a great deal so why wait? We have different ways to schedule your first appointment with us. You can schedule online or you can call us! The choice is yours! Specialized septic pumping, installation, and aerobic repair. Our services are provided promptly and help reduce mistakes in the field. you’re the best in Tulsa! We are here. Pumping service! When you call us you are dealing with reaping real people and real results!

Tulsa septic pumping strives to be the best in the industry. And we believe that we have done that and that’s why our motto is still number one in the number to business! Do you have an aerobic system? Did you know that your Aerobic System has an alarm? If you ever hear the alarm going off there are usually several reasons for this. You have a red alarm in the yellow one. Red usually indicates high water and yellow indicates the aeration alarm. But don’t worry both alarms can be silenced. What’s going on a little deeper on these flashing lights?

Tulsa septic pumping is expert on the red and yellow flashing lights on your Aerobic System alarms. When your red light is flashing you will want to ask yourself this question or the sprinkler still running? if the water is not running then you will need to reset the breaker in the panel. This should solve the problem. If the yellow flashing light is on check to make sure it is vibrating. If it is vibrating in his running. If this seems overwhelming to you that is no problem. Just give the professionals to call and we would be happy to assist you with this!

Now that you’ve heard a little bit about some of the services that we provide let’s talk about our core values. We believe in building a legacy of trust. and because of that, we stand on several core values such as Integrity which is the compass that guides us on our path in this review. Another core value that we stand on is the quality of services. We respect each one of our customer’s time and space. You’re always going to give the best Mission Point we also believe in education. What we mean by this is that we are going to provide you where is upfront and honest information to help you understand what is going on with your Scheduled time and your system.

There is no way that we can go over everything that we have to offer however if you call us today at 918-864-5897 you are sure to get a knowledgeable representative on the phone that can walk you through all of your questions and concerns. We would love to get you scheduled for an on-site visit to your home. If you would love to read even more detailed information about the services we provide and how we started you can visit our website at www.miltysboysseptic.com