OKC Septic Pumping

In the bustling streets of Oklahoma, amidst the urban landscape and vibrant culture, lies a tale of entrepreneurship, familial bonds, and community pride. This content page delves into the remarkable journey of Cisco Totter, the founder of Milty’s Boys Septic, a business named in honor of his father-in-law, Milton Allen of Milty’s Septic. Through Cisco’s vision and dedication, Milty’s Boys Septic has become a beacon of excellence and a source of excitement for the residents of OKC, Oklahoma.


Section 1: Cisco Totter’s Vision

– Early Beginnings: Cisco Totter’s journey traces back to his upbringing in Oklahoma, where he cultivated a strong work ethic and a passion for innovation from a young age.
– Family Ties: Cisco’s marriage to Milton Allen’s daughter forged a bond between the two families, laying the foundation for a shared entrepreneurial venture that would shape the future of Oklahoma’s septic industry.
– Entrepreneurial Spirit: Cisco’s innate entrepreneurial spirit drove him to explore opportunities in the sanitation industry, inspired by Milton’s pioneering work with Milty’s Septic.


Section 2: Honoring Milton Allen’s Legacy

– The Inspiration Behind the Name: In tribute to his father-in-law’s legacy and contributions to the industry, Cisco Totter named his business “Milty’s Boys Septic,” symbolizing continuity and respect for tradition.
– Building on Success: Cisco recognized the solid foundation laid by Milton Allen and sought to build upon it, leveraging his expertise and insights to propel Milty’s Boys Septic to new heights of success.
– A Testament to Family Values: Milty’s Boys Septic embodies the values of family, integrity, and hard work instilled by Milton Allen, serving as a living testament to his enduring legacy.


Section 3: Our Excitement for OKC, Oklahoma

– Urban Revitalization: Milty’s Boys Septic is a driving force behind the revitalization of OKC, contributing to the city’s economic growth and fostering a sense of community pride.
– Job Creation and Opportunity: The success of Milty’s Boys Septic has created job opportunities and stimulated entrepreneurship, empowering residents and fueling the city’s prosperity.
– Cultural Vibrancy: OKC’s diverse cultural landscape is enriched by businesses like Milty’s Boys Septic, which celebrate local heritage and contribute to the city’s dynamic identity.


Section 4: Looking Towards the Future

– Innovation and Sustainability: Milty’s Boys Septic remains committed to innovation and sustainability, investing in cutting-edge technologies and eco-friendly practices to meet the evolving needs of OKC.
– Community Engagement: The company actively engages with the community through sponsorships, charitable initiatives, and participation in local events, fostering strong ties and mutual support.
– A Bright Horizon: As OKC continues to evolve and thrive, Milty’s Boys Septic stands as a symbol of progress and possibility, inspiring residents to embrace the future with optimism and enthusiasm.



Cisco Totter’s journey from humble beginnings to the establishment of Milty’s Boys Septic is a testament to the power of perseverance, familial bonds, and community spirit. As residents of OKC, we share in the excitement and pride of Cisco’s achievements, knowing that his legacy, along with Milton Allen’s, will continue to shape the future of our city for generations to come. With Milty’s Boys Septic leading the way, the future of OKC, Oklahoma, is filled with promise and potential.

Here is what other Oklahomans are raving about Milty’s Boys Septic.

Keaton with MBS was very professional, and got the entire job finished on time,
Very good company and I will suggest you use them!

tory tory

want to take the time to personally recognize the dedication,hard work, and excellent costumer service that Milty’s provided. Cisco went above and beyond to help my family. I currently live out of state in Washington D.C, and Cisco was able to help bridge the gap for me in order to help support my elderly family members. Being from the area, I know that small towns mean big hearts. Cisco came out in the dark with his team to pump out the septic, worked in an area that’s difficult to get to, and was gracious when interacting with my family. He was upfront honest and transparent about the costs and work that needed to be done. Not being in the area to help means that it takes a bit of an emotional toll not being able to be hands on myself. After my grandfather passed at Christmas, it’s been a rough couple of weeks for our family. I am grateful that there are wonderful honest people, putting in the heart work that they don’t have to in order to help others. Thanks Cisco, you deserve all the bragging rights!

Getta Webb

On the coldest day in Tulsa history Milty’s Septic Service came to my house and serviced my tank. I have never been more impressed with a company in my life! Milty’s put in our septic system 12 years ago and they were wonderful then and just as amazing today! So grateful for their help! Bless them

Jessica Van De Wiele

James with MBS was on time and did a great job.

Gage Gould

James came and fixed several problems, none of them big ones, thank goodness. He was honest and gave us an education on how to care for our system correctly. Will use them again!

Ruth Williams

Great at giving options and information to helping in further projects, and they cleaned out everything that needed to be for the price I needed. They are awesome.

Robin McCollum

Great service! We are in a new house. They came the same day for an emergency. Keaton and Meshach did a great job.

Linda Potter

These guys showed up and got the job done. They had a good attitude and were very professional. They will definitely be my new go to guys.

Phillip Bailey