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Are you stuck in some deep doo? We can help!

Here at Milty’s Boys Septic, we promise always to put you as our customer first. We have several locations around the Tulsa area. No matter what your septic issues are, we can get you fixed right up. At Milty’s Boys Tulsa location, we will come to you to repair your septic system, locate your system, install a septic system or pump out the problems. Locating septic tanks can be very difficult, but luckily our team can also help you with this problem. Finding a septic tank is an essential part of the maintenance of your septic system. If you have been wanting to work with professionals that have experience, high values, and work hard, call on our great team at Milty’s boys septic. Our response time is impeccable so do not wait another minute to get your poo problems handled. 

Cities We Serve:

Whenever Mitly’s Boys takes on a job, we start with the end goal and work our way backward.

Doing so ensures the excellent quality job that we strive for each time. Not only do we strive for excellence during every job, but we also pay attention to the details surrounding professionalism and personal relationships. We want to treat you like the valued customer that you are. Being a family-owned business, we love to treat our clients like family as well. We want to exceed your expectations every time and this is why we pay such close attention to the way we treat you. Our biggest success will always be a satisfied client.

There is never any fear because Milty’s Boys are here! Living in Oklahoma, we all know that weather conditions can get pretty wild and unpredictable. This being said, we will never skip out on your job no matter the weather conditions. Nothing can keep our team away from servicing your septic. Reliability is a huge core value at Mitly’s Boys. Extreme heat? No problem. Windy, icy, and cold? We are coming to help! True reliability means carrying out the job even when circumstances are not favorable. Rain or snow, count on our team to carry out the promises made to you!

As we mentioned a little bit before, Milty’s Boys is a family-owned practice, grounded on the principles of faith, integrity, quality, excellence, education, transparency, and reliability. We find that true joy comes from helping others. This is part of the reason we go above and beyond to serve our customers. Milty’s Boys founder, Cisco, first began his interest in septic through his father-in-law, Milty, otherwise known as the Poop Doctor. Milty himself taught Cisco the ways of the septic industry for years. His work ethic and integrity inspired Cisco to strive for the same level of excellence in his own work. Cisco was so inspired that he even named his company, Milty’s Boys, after his father-in-law. Grounded on the principles above, Cisco has had much success in the septic industry, all thanks to his inspiration, Milty.

Loved by many and counted on by professionals all across Tulsa, Mitly’s boys have been in the septic industry for years. Many local plumbers count on the services found at Milty’s boys for their septic jobs. They do this because they know that we will be reliable and always come through on our promises. No matter how crappy the job is, we will handle it with a smile.

If you aren’t ready for our team to come to you, sometimes we can handle your situation over the phone. How convenient! Our locations are designed to be easily accessible to you. This is why we try to cover the biggest area that we possibly can. We never want anyone to need our services and not be able to reach them. If you are having any problems or need a septic system, call the #1 professionals in the #2 business today!

How often are you going to need to use Milty’s Boys Septic? Oftentimes, people will overlook the most important part of having a septic system. The maintenance! How often does maintenance need to happen? It truly depends on how much use the septic system gets. Some people will need their septic system pumped out as often as every 2 years but others can wait 5 or more years. If you need help deciding how often your system needs to be flushed then ask one of our professionals. This will ensure the longevity of your septic system, in turn, saving you money by not having to replace a ruined septic tank.

Another service that is severely overlooked is septic locating. How else will you be able to maintain your system if you can not find it? Luckily, you do not have to find it yourself. Our team of experts will be able to locate your system so the maintenance process can be carried out effectively. This also saves damage because you do not want heavy equipment driving on top of it. If you are unaware of the location, this is likely to happen. Avoid this disaster! To preserve your system, you must locate it and Milty’s Boys Septic can do this for you.

Not sure if Milty’s Boys is a good fit for your septic problems? We want our work to do the talking. There are several companies that trust the guidance and service of Mity’s Boys septic such as Sinclair, Peevy, and Tulsa Public Schools. Are you worried about fitting septic maintenance into your budget? Our plans can fit any budget! We promise to work with you on the money side so that you can effectively maintain your septic system and not break the bank. We can also prevent repairs in the future! This all saves you money and this is our goal. Not only do we promise to provide excellent service but also cost-effective service.

No matter the “crappy” situation, count on Mity’s Boys Septive to flush it. Let us take your doo to done. Our friendly staff and expert service will be here whenever you are ready!